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Our Offerings

Our signature bread and butter service! Spinster’s one-on-one consulting affords female founders an edge no other company can – idea through execution support that gives startups an integrated, actionable and bespoke service across:



Business structuring sessions, financial health checks, business development consulting, business appraisals



PR, brand, content strategy, social and digital marketing, analytics, growth hacking



Advice and guidance with legal matters and business needs


The Spinster Difference Is Real!

Our individualized services range from smaller consulting sessions to full on brand builds, helping female founders gain everything from the much needed insights to pivot their brands in the marketplace, to the hands-on building and execution of strategies across multiple digital platforms, to teaching their in-house teams how to implement the tactics they need to successfully grow.


What’s included in the One-on-One consulting package?

One-on-One consulting services are individuality tailored to client’s needs, and can range from hourly sessions to more robust, contractual relationships with our expanded consultant group to do marketing, business, or legal ‘builds’.

What’s a build?

We do the work for you.

Are you serious?

We are serious. You don’t have to be an expert in everything to be an entrepreneur – that’s why we are here to help.

Can you teach my team how to do this stuff, too?

Absolutely – our philosophy is educate to empower. Whether we work with you individually, or with your team as a subject matter expert, teaching is at the heart of what we do; it saves you costs, makes you a more knowledgeable entrepreneur, and helps you scale and grow quicker.

Who should get One-on-One consulting?

One-on-one consulting is available to women entrepreneurs at any stage. However, not everyone needs us - we’ll be upfront if we aren’t a good fit.

Who wouldn’t qualify as a ‘good fit?’

  • Some founders think they need consultants, when actually they need a good Google search.
  • We don’t offer the services you want, or don’t have the bandwidth to take them on.
  • Your money could be better spent on other services.

Do you offer services to men?

We do work with male founders, and have helped empower the build of several male founded companies, including a brewery, wildlife research company, digital publication, sports organization, and tech start up. We specifically especially encourage men in rural areas, LGBTQ identifying males, men of color, and other males who are not adequately supported by the current venture capital model to apply to work with us.

Do you offer services to organizations or companies?

We provide larger consulting services for companies and organizations who have a female-focused mission. Please contact us directly for requests.

What’s the cost of One-on-One consulting?

Costs vary as we make sure all services are bespoke to the startup's needs.

Do you have a payment plan?


What if I can’t afford the costs, but need this service?

We are developing a program to assist those who need financial support. Sign up for our newsletter to find out when the program goes live!

If I work with a consultant in your expanded group, who do I pay?

All payments go through Spinster, LLC.

Do I have to fill out an intake form?

Yes – we need to have an accurate understanding of your background to identify what kind of support you will need and ensure we can give you adequate support during your time with us.

Do you have examples of previous work you’ve done for other female consultants?

Sure thing! We're working on developing out our case studies page so you can view our client work. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first in the know!

Can I mix and match the Business Therapy sessions with the one-on-one consulting?

Please feel free to reach out to contact us with special service requests.

I have more questions. How can I get in touch?

Reach out at