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What We Do

Now more than ever, women are launching companies (in droves)!

Everyone wants to launch a startup, or turn their side hustle into a viable, fun income stream. But very few know where to start, or how to do it successfully.   

Spinster is on a mission to empower early stage, female founded startups with the resources, tactical tools, advisors, and woman-power they need to build the important business foundations, grow, and scale their businesses. You don't need a man to make it work - but you may need a woman or two


What We Believe


Inspiration is great, but it doesn’t bring in the dough, or help you grow.

Spinster provides a supportive, female friendly environment where we tackle both the soft and hard aspects of building a business across marketing, biz dev, and fundraising.

We empower you to manage everything from making the jump out of your full time job, managing your company's financial health, differentiating your brand in the market space, building engaging marketing social and digital strategies, mastering business growth and forecasting, and learning how to listen to your own inner boss (the one they tried to beat out of you in corporate). We even provide business health checks to keep you on track!

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