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Branding & Signature Method VIP Days w/ Michelle Ghilotti



Over the last 18 years (after working in advertising on brands like Nike, Starbucks and Hewlett-Packard – my “past life”, as I like to call it), I've developed signature approaches or methods, some by accident, and others consciously ruminated on for long periods of time, all to reach the results I’ve wanted in my business/expression or brand identity – and most importantly, in, with and for my life. [My business has added such crazy joy to my life that it’s hard to describe in human words].

I didn’t always revel in it though. TRUTH. It’s been fun building and it’s also felt like building for many years. Especially those first nine years of my business before the personal or professional development industry took the entrepreneur world by storm…

I didn’t know it then, but after having had the support of longtime, private mentors like Gabby Bernstein, Karen Salmonsohn and Angela Jia Kim, I know that NOT having it was tougher on me (2001-2010). I’ve never worked harder in my life (and I’ve never also felt more proud of myself) as I did in those years figuring it all out by myself. In case we are new to each other, I started MGI in SF in 2001, a year later moved to LA, a year after that moved to Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and four years after that moved to Guadalajara, Mexico).

The hard work (all I learned during those years figuring it out) coupled with the support AND the innate abilities inside expression, connection to language and to building things that are distinct from what’s currently available -- the innate, learned or practiced (just like you with your innate, learned and practiced), I’ve been able to more meaningfully support clients in creating their authentic brands, signature processes and foundations for their businesses, alongside solid plans that finally gets them over the “hump” (whatever that hump for them is right now).

And though I’ve helped clients get passed that hump via mastermind groups, one on one ongoing coaching, workshops and larger events, VIP days are one of my favorite offerings EVER in all my time DBA'ing/doing business as! And one thing I realized last week (and part the reason I'm emailing you right now) is that I can count on half of one hand the times I've shared this opportunity with you (I receive 95% of my VIP Day clients from referrals and keep busy that way, so rarely think to let you know about this, however, I would genuinely love to meet more of you and support you in the following amazing way!)...

So, back to the hump -- whatever hump you feel you need to get beyond inside your brand or business, I would love to help you.

MichelleG2015.Portrait-168 2.jpg

WHAT YOU’LL WALK AWAY WITH (Choose two (2) of the elements below for your VIP Day and walk away having completed them):

1. SIGNATURE PROCESS: Your signature process, "method" or distinct approach of three to eight steps that will help grow results received inside your practice (this signature method will help you with all your offerings, articles/blogs, livestreams, product or digital offering ideas, speaking topics and more – in short, it will bring your ideal clients the results they want and need).

2. MOVING MESSAGE: Clarity around your brand's moving message, tagline, title, email signature and bio.

3. BRAND STORY: Revising your brand story to make sure it includes the integrated you (we'll fold in all your talents, skills, life experience and professional past -- in fact, we'll fold in all of you into all of these elements).

4. WEBSITE REFRESH: A website refresh as well as specific feedback around how to refresh your website based on your new connective brand thread. A viable evolved business idea for the evolved and different you (coming from where you've been...from loss, divorce, a big move, health setbacks etc., it is NOT business as usual, so let's discuss your new (and deeper) brand vision as well as a deeper and more connected and lucrative business plan. 

5. OFFERINGS: Craft the plan and pricing for your next three offerings (we will focus on the creation of unique experiences and offline offerings that people talk about and can't wait to attend ~ as Forbes says, "the future of online is offline").

6. SOCIAL MEDIA & VIDEO: A three-month on-brand plan for social media and video/livestreams that bring you more engagement and an increase in brand awareness.

7. CREATE YOUR FIRST OR NEXT EVENT: Craft the plan, pricing and event details for an experience that will not only put you brand/business back on the map in a bigger way, but infuse you with the fresh and new, powerful energy you’ve wanted for a long time (there’s nothing like being in person and exercising your leadership and powerful speaking ability).

My recommendation: If you’re a coach or consultant, I would highly recommend choosing to work through your signature method as one of the chosen brand elements we’ll work on, especially if you don’t already have your own signature approach. Other brand elements come effortlessly from the clarity received around the three to eight-step process that makes your practice or company unique and different. Clarity on your signature process is worth at least three times the investment below as it becomes the very method or approach you take each client through to their results or transformation. 
No matter what you choose, by the end of your VIP Day, we will make sure to unite your refreshed authentic brand to the profitable business you want (in other words, I will help you see the bigger picture connection between what we’ve chosen to work on in our time together and what needs to happen moving forward to align the smart business side of things to this evolved expression).


• Pre phone session: We will first get on the phone for 30 minutes before our day together! You will have done some pre-work before (which we will send you with plenty of time), so, we will go over that and plan the results and tangible elements you most want to walk away with.

• VIP Day: We will then meet in NYC or LA (or Skype!) to brainstorm/heartstorm, strategize, create the foundation and plan for your project/business/higher calling/brand or business challenge over four (4) hours. You'll walk away with having done approximately two months of work (what client’s have said)…

• Lunch: We will eat a delicious lunch together (you can tell us about any dietary restrictions and we’ll surprise with some fun extras). Some clients love for this to be a working lunch and others like to pause. We can do whatever feels good to you.

• My Detailed Notes: Upon completion of the VIP Day, I will give you my detailed and many pages of notes, decisions, sketches, plans and more, as well as give you any recordings we created together. 

• Post phone session: A week later, after you've put into motion the second batch of homework that I will give you during our VIP day, we will hop on for another 30 minute phone call to keep you accountable, but most importantly, to answer any questions and give you additional brand or business coaching recommendations to see you through.

• Email support: After the second 30-minute call, you'll receive seven (7) more days of unlimited email support...


$2197*, payable over two payments (not including your non-refundable deposit of $150). *As many of you know, my ongoing VIP Day rate is $3997, but to support the MGI community, I am offering new clients this introductory rate for a limited time. Again, I normally receive 95% of all my VIP Day clients via word of mouth and referrals from past clients, and realized recently that I’ve rarely given YOU a direct, "hey let’s work together in this way, and this is what it looks like!”  view of these VIP Days.
You may put down your non-refundable $150 deposit for one of the dates HERE. Once you do, please simply email us ( or letting us know which date BELOW you would like to hold. And, if you are an NYC or LA lady who would like to hold one of the earlier or later dates and/or do it on Zoom or Skype, that’s possible, just let us know.

Available Dates:
LOS ANGELES -- March 18, March 19, March 20, April 1, April 2, April 3 (if you don’t see your ideal date, let us know).
NEW YORK -- March 26, March 27, March 28, March 29, April 8, April 9, April 10 (if you don’t see your ideal date, let us know).

If you and I have not worked inside a VIP day together, this is for you. If you've been thinking about working together for a long time (as was the case with my client VIP Day client Carmel from last week), this is also for you! Feel free to check out what she had to say about what we accomplished (below)...

I revel in helping you, the multi-faceted creative woman, interpret what is inside (there are a lot of awesome puzzle pieces to put back together again in a new way) into a unique language, signature processes and concepts that move people into action in their life more powerfully and inside a brand identity that makes people feel like they've known you forever. 

Oh yes, before I forget, NYC ladies, once you are registered, we will let you know where we are meeting in NYC :-)

Whether we work together in one of these cities or via Skype soon or not, know that my home, mind and heart are always open for you. xo

Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand...enjoy your business, enjoy your life!