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Office Hours

What Is It?

Spinster Office Hours are one-off consulting sessions for startups looking to gain strategic insights and guidance based on their brand’s existing internal marketing models or strategies.

Who Needs It?


Office Hours are a great solution for entrepreneurs who have specific questions focused around a pre-identified problem area of their business. It’s great for owners who:

  • Need help ideating complex marketing or business problems prior to taking the next pivotal step in building their brand

  • Are looking to gain poignant insights with the objective of optimizing existing areas of their business

  • Want easy access to seasoned professionals with a proven success record in the startup space

  • Are done with picking a friend of a friend’s brain over coffee, and want tactically-driven, results-oriented consulting experiences without the large consulting fees

What’s Included?

One 45-minute session (via phone or Google Hangout) with Spinster expert in the specialty of your choice.

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 Business Health Evaluations

What Is It?

Spinster’s Business Health Evaluations identify and diagnose problems to empower startups to optimize structural, strategic, and logistical areas of their marketing or their financial systems for successful business performance.


Who Needs This?

Designed for the self-aware startup looking to refine their marketing or financial systems to increase business performance, but who are unsure where or how to get started. 

What’s Included?

  • One 75-minute diagnostic meeting with a Spinster marketing OR business consultant (your choice)

  • An analysis of your overarching marketing or business health, as scored across pre-identified areas

  • Tactical, high-growth action guidance doc to improve weaker areas of your company

  • List of resources tailored to your business needs (as based on Business Health Evaluation results)

  • 30-minute follow up meeting to review your business health evaluation

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Strategic Marketing Consulting

What Is It?

Our team will work with your needs and goals to create a bespoke program with marketing strategies and/or execution plans.

Who Needs This?

Startups with larger projects around their:

  • brand planning or positioning

  • business development

  • campaign or pitch set up

  • editorial and content

  • events

  • marketing execution and/or research

  • production

  • public relations

  • social and digital media

What’s Included?

Programs are custom built to meet your needs, and vary based on ask and budget.

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*COMING SOON* Executive Consulting


For seasoned entrepreneurs who are looking to gain insights and grow quickly from the best in the field, our executive and senior-level marketing consultants come from some of the world’s best agencies, consultancies, and creative shops. 

These one-off, hour-long consulting sessions give entrepreneurs access to some of the most successful, cutting-edge thinkers in their field. 

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Mice Le John

"Spinster Office Hours are immensely helpful — it was great to get detailed feedback and additional resources to continue the evolution of our fundraising pitch. I highly recommend the Spinster team for their expertise and enthusiasm.”

- Mica Le John, founder of Waves, a social & video-based platform for self-expression

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“The best part was that (their) work was instrumental in my proposal being selected at the Citi Ventures accelerator to help develop my concept further. I would completely trust (Spinster) and would not hesitate to work with them again.”

-Nicole Cacal, founder of Xplicit Ventures, a human-centered design firm

Danica, ACDain

"Entrepreneurship can often be a lonely journey. Spinster has given me the courage to move forward and remind me that I have a dream to pursue. I would trust Spinster in making a dramatic difference in any startup."

-Danica Chia, founder of ACDain, an interactive chat bot that thrives on good ideas, surprises, and meaningful dialogue.

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