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Unicorns Are Dead. Spinsters Are Rising.

The founders of Spinster realized the cards were stacked against women in both the corporate America and the start up world. Which is why they decided to build a company where women could create their own economy, with their own rules.

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13 Female Founders On Why They Started Their Companies

Women are dominating the startup field. If women entrepreneurs were their own country, we would have the fifth highest GDP in the world! These female founders explain why they left their day jobs and went into entrepreneurship full time.

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Sarah Perkins, DesignerShare Co-founder

Sarah Perkins, CEO and co-founder of DesignerShare, the first truly- peer-to-peer marketplace for women to rent their designer clothing to one another – is fully aware of the many feats women entrepreneurs face when it comes to repaying student loans and starting a company.

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