The idea for Spinster came from those liberal arts degrees people claim are useless.

Long story short, like many ambitious women, Katie and Shanthi wanted to have it all (the job, the fur/babies, the adventures, the happiness AND Chris Evans).

And like most of you, they did exactly what they were supposed to; get  perfect grades and top degrees from top universities, only to enter the a preverbail timewarp that shoved them back seventy years in women’s progress: corporate America.

Not only were these Ladies sacked with the financial crises up on graduation and hit with extenuating student loan debt, they also faced the Millennial version of Mad Men (hipster bros) that made the job miserable,  took on jobs at companies with shitty pay/gaps, no promise of upward growth, and the daunting experience of having female advisors in their 40s pull them into conference rooms and warn them to leave the industry while they were still young enough to figure out something else.

Good thing the gals had been on a covert mission the entire time - sparked by an idea Shanthi had over 6 years ago while studying gender workplace policy at the London School of Economics, these Ladies were on a mission to ensure women could build the ambitious, have-it-all, lives they wanted…. through entrepreneurship.  

Together Katie and Shanthi helped develop over 20 female powered startups in the Bay Area, New York, and London, eventually, turning their side hustle into the business you see before you today.

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