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Spinster is a highly skilled, non-patronizing group of female consultants  specializing in marketing, biz dev, and hand holding for women entrepreneurs. We do women’s work.

Our Consultants

We bring together a team of highly-skilled, professional women (and male allies) with cutting-edge knowledge, experience, and skilled expertise across biz dev and marketing services for your bespoke project, campaign, or build. 

Our team's backgrounds range from senior ranking marketing leaders to industry veterans who lend important high-level insights through our one on one consulting. As a full service company, we also provide a highly seasoned Spinster marketing team to help you execute your marketing and biz dev needs on a day-to-day basis.

Consultants on our teams have had experiences working with Fortune 500 clients, as well as scrappy startups around the world. Our team has also helped launch and build over 20 startups globally, including DJ Kitty Cash's The I AM WOMAN Project, Her Agenda, The Bowery Poetry Club, Chew On This Storytelling, UNDO-Ordinary, and Kids In the Game

Past-life corporate clients include Google, IBM, Red Cross, New York Fashion Tech Lab, Hennessy, Adidas, HBO, Essence, NY Times,, CNN, Naomi Campbell, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and more.

Our client team can help you with: 

  • Social

  • Digital

  • Traditional marketing

  • PR

  • Video production

  • Photography

  • Design

  • Content

  • Business development

  • Partnerships

  • Financial health evaluations

  • Personal branding

OUR PROMISE: We do not replicate corporate feminism in this space

Our consulting team undergoes an extensive on boarding on the cultural, social and economic issues female founders face today, as well as on the principals of intersectional feminism. They also receive groundbreaking training on communication techniques, power and empathy roles in the workplace.

 Because we want to create an environment where clients feel empowered, comfortable, and supported, clients always have final veto power in what consultants they work with.