Badass Entrepreneur Mica Le John Makes 'Waves' With New Video App

We first met Mica Le John last year under the sweltering heat of a New York City summer night, around 20 stories up on Google’s Chelsea rooftop. Despite the humidity, Mica’s energy, enthusiasm, and easy ability to connect with others meant we all became fast friends. With all those mad people skills, it came as no surprise that Mica’s idea was a groundbreaking video-based, social media platform that is about to make some huge Waves (pun intended) in connecting people with one another.

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 8.36.49 PM.png

Now, less than half a year later, Waves has officially launched. Waves is a social platform for sharing and connecting through video. Focused on fullscreen storytelling with a post and reply structure, all content, including replies, are video (but non-ephemeral).

Waves enables the exchange of moments, experiences and creativity. Each “wave” (video) is connected to others through two kinds of streams: users can see replies by swiping up, and discover other waves in the same themes by swiping side to side. 

“For too long we’ve all been using (what my co-founder and I call) Social 1.0 which is focused on simply sending something out and the display of content, with user interactions treated as a second class function,” Mica explains. “Waves is Social 2.0, and is about hearing something back. We are prioritizing connection and expressive interactions through video.”

Join us on Waves!

Download from (“Waves Video” in the App Store).

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