The Future Of Art Is Female, And She Has Arrived

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By Shonn Sopko

The art world has long been dominated by men.

From art dealers, collectors, and curators running the industry, to the male artists whose works are chosen by the male dominated industry and praised as genius in the cultural zeitgeist. Something essential has been lacking in the art world. A different perspective, a new voice that needs to be heard.

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It seems fitting then, that on International Women’s Day, the art world saw the launch of a movement that aims to break free of those past prejudices and place women at the forefront of creativity and art. That movement is Art She Says, an online magazine and offline community that highlights savvy, influential women in the arts.

“Art She Says is bold. She’s fearless, rambunctious, glamorous, and strong. She leads diminutive men astray with her intelligence, sophistication and wit. She’s unparalleled and unstoppable,” says founder Eliza Ali.

Art She Says VIP launch took place on March 8th, at Space Gallery in Soho, New York, with a portion of the proceeds from artworks sold going to Women for Women International, a nonprofit organization that supports the most marginalized women in countries affected by conflicts and war. 

15 emerging female artists were invited to the launch, all of whom embody the term artrepreneur - an innovator of the arts, one who breaks rules and disrupts the status quo. On display was the wide range of mediums and techniques, as well as the creative depths to which these women have gone to express their art. Artist whose works were presented included Jormi Graterol - the graffiti queen who is making a name for herself in the street art scene - as well as Elizabeth Gregory-Gruen and her “CUT – WORK”.

Through these myriad mediums and diverging depths it becomes clear that art is not easily defined, nor should it be. In fact it is that very protean nature that makes it undefinable.

For founder Eliza Ali, the Art She Says launch party is only the beginning. Ali has high hopes for the magazine:

“I want ART SHE SAYS to become the largest industry resource for reading about women in the arts and buying women’s artworks, creating a powerful network of women and leaving its legacy in cities across the globe.” 

Central to this, will be Art She Says ability to bring like-minded women together through community-building events. In 2019 we can expect more events and panels from Art She Says and hopefully, in December, their first printed publication.

If you’d like to reach out and get involved, introduce yourself: They have a growing team of freelance writers across the globe and are always looking to collaborate with creative women.

Check out more pics from the Art She Says launch party, below!