The Spinster Consulting Team is Expanding!

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By Cathy Guadagno

The Spinster team keeps growing! Spinster is proud to announce that we have two new consultants joining our team!! Eve Stern will be joining Spinster as the Marketing Manager, while Jennie Tian will be joining as the lead fundraising consultant.

“We're thrilled to have Jennie Tian and Eve Stern as our first official hires to the Spinster team,” says Spinster co-founder Shanthi Marie Blanchard. “Eve and Jennie epitomize our values at Spinster - they are honest, collaborative, empowering, and such hard workers. They do everything to ensure the success of our clients, while maintaining the highest sense of ethics, empowerment, and an intersectional, femme-forward approach to the business values we uphold at Spinster.”

Eve and Jennie epitomize our values at Spinster - they are honest, collaborative, empowering, and do everything to ensure the success of our clients

Learn more about these two incredible women below!

Eve Stern, Spinster Marketing Manager and Editorial Consultant

Photo courtesy of Eve Stern

Photo courtesy of Eve Stern

Eve Stern is Spinster’s new Marketing Manager and Editorial Consultant. Eve previously held the position of Managing Editor at the award-winning, NYC Millennial Women's Magazine, Her Agenda. Here she managed a digital platform with thousands of visitors and over 40K+ social media users! She also collaborated with Founder Rhonesha Byng and Her Agenda team to determine new initiatives, sponsorships, partnerships, and panel series - #HerAgendaLive.

Eve will be leading Spinster’s marketing efforts, including our editorial platform, newsletter, overseeing our writing team, and helping to develop our new membership program. 

Eve is a graduate of Hunter College in Manhattan, New York with an MA in Urban Affairs along with a BA in Sociology and Black Studies. Eve has experience in a vast amount of fields such as freelance writing, advertising, photography, and social media consulting with focus in research and editorial. Eve takes pride in creating a larger space for underrepresented peoples, issues, and discussions. 

I am so grateful to be joining Spinster full force to work hard creating momentous change across countless industries! In working for Spinster, I’m excited to highlight our focus on underrepresented groups and with evidence show companies how they can be successful while doing good.

Jennie Tian, Spinster Fundraising Lead

Photo courtesy of Jennie Tian

Photo courtesy of Jennie Tian

Jennie Tian will join us as our Fundraising Lead. Jennie is a highly skilled equity analyst and investment manager with a background in startups and venture capital. In just five short years, Jennie raised over $31.5 million dollars for multiple startup companies. As a management and startup consultant for Spinster, Jennie wants to continue raising venture capital for the socially good and forward thinking womxn founded companies she works closely with. 

Jennie is a graduate of Georgetown University with an MA in Global Business and Finance, and a graduate of the University of California, Berkely with a BA in Science and Microbial Biology. 

I’ve consulted for founders and women in management, but Spinster is the first place I’ve been with that has incorporated so much of my personal values. I’m consistently empowered by the team to bring lessons I’ve learned about inclusivity and representation to our work and the way we work.

“Eve and Jennie both have extremely sought after backgrounds, impeccable credentials, and envious experience in their respective fields. We're incredibly lucky to have them both on this team,” says Shanthi. “I'm beyond impressed with their work so far, and eager to see how their continued presence will spurn our womxn towards more success.” 

Keep on the lookout for these two amazing new women. They are strong forces that hold the values that Spinster deem as essential. We are excited to showcase their talents to women entrepreneurs in the making. If you would love to sit down and chat about your business plan, or if you have any questions around the area of your business; please visit “Our Services” section and schedule your appointment today! Our team will be eager to help you!

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