Why goldno.8 Gives You the Only Purse You'll Ever Need. Literally.


By Cathy Guadagno

goldno.8 sits on a quiet and quaint section of Bleecker Street; but its colors and eye grabbing displays makes you question if you should go and explore for yourself. “What is this and why am I so drawn to go in?,” you may wonder. No it’s not a toy store, nor a candy store like the vibrant colors may make you think; but a place where you can build the purse of your dreams. The one that you knew you needed but never knew the right way to describe it. I knew I was that person. Living in New York, I always felt like I needed a bag that was big enough for me always on the go, or one that fit the perfect color of the season. Unfortunately my bags never crossed either category. I’ve had big clunky bags that held my stuff but weren't the right color, and bags where I loved the color but I couldn't see as practical for everyday use. Ariane Gold’s goldno.8 solves that problem in a chic, fun way for purse lovers near and far. Building the purse that everyone needs in their life, a practical one that is a reflection of your style spot on.

Upon walking into the brick and mortar store you get a feeling that I can compare to being like a kid in the American Girl doll store; making a doll that looked just like you for the first time. The store is filled with candy, unicorns (including some pretty snazzy unicorn headbands that Ariane herself loves), colorful smiley face decor, and wine to make the whole experience more than just making your bag and leaving. goldno.8 makes you, the consumer, feel like not only a fashion designer for a day but gives you the feeling of having control over the product you desire purchasing.. The joy of being able to create your own bag and seeing all of the color combinations that surround the walls makes countless ideas flow through your head.


As soon as I walked in I started to ask myself a ton of questions. What colors should I choose? What size bag is perfect for me? Should I turn my bag into a crossbody or clutch? Am I more into nylon or leather? Why not both? I’m a woman that loves color and comfort in my bags so to see that I can actually create the best of both worlds was like the heavens opened above me. On top of how amazing the store was, CEO Ariane Gold was lovely; she knows her customers so well because she wants them to feel confident in the bag they wear whether on their shoulder or their backs.

Who she also knows well are her fellow New Yorkers. When asked about what she thinks every New Yorker needs she showed us the “Crossbody Cell Phone Case.” She says she keeps it with her at all times because it holds everything a New Yorker on a quick run needs. Who knew a cell phone case could be so stylish? Ariane was also thrilled to show us goldno.8s’ newest members of the collection; which included neon leather color combinations that anyone can mix and match to create the bold, yet conventional look they desire. With that also comes the decorations of funky pin snaps to give your bag more unique flavor; if that’s what you’re in to of course. Plus, the bags are reversible, so if you’re feeling bold one day but reserved the next, Ariane makes it easy because you have two in one. For somebody like me that falls in love with one bag but doesn’t want to buy two of the same this is a genius life hack. I can easily change my bag without paying more money to do so! And let’s be real, who doesn’t like a great deal? “The idea behind the brand is I don't want the goldno.8 customer to feel like every season she needs a new purse,” explains Ariane. “She could just update the one she has.” All bags have the ability to be updated by changing straps to change the shape, reversing the colors, adding creative pins, and much more. The possibilities are endless, which means you never have to feel your bag is getting old.


“The truth is, I do what I love. I’ll never make anything that i’m not completely obsessed with myself,Ariane tells us. She takes pride in all that she has created and that reflects on her customers. Not only is she projecting to the world what she loves, she knows that other women will love it too, feel inspired to play with colors, and not afraid to be bold. She wants the goldno.8 girl to feel the love that she feels in her own special way. “It’s really about her finding what makes sense for her and building her bag that reflects who she is,” she tells us. 

As for the future of goldno.8, it looks very bright. With new products launching shortly, Ariane will be busy attending fabulous events throughout 2019. Ariane says that her customers are her best advocates to raise brand awareness since they spread the word through social media postings holding and tagging the brand page in their posts, and word of mouth across the country. She loves interacting with her customers through Instagram and letting them know she appreciates helping her bring goldno.8 up through its infancy stage. The goldno.8 experience makes you bring your inner fashion designer to the surface, and Ariane Gold shows you that being stylish and having a conventional bag is not impossible after all.

If you would like to create a goldno.8 bag, check out their online store here or visit their brick and mortar at 332 Bleecker Street.